The Reciprocal Times

Following on from the previous post about The Reciprocity Economy, I am going to try another of my rarely successful experiments. This time I want to test whether Twitter can act as an easy aggregator for examples of the reciprocity economy in action.

So, I've set up a Twitter account: @reciprocaltimes (see, it's like the Financial Times for the reciprocity economy?).  I will use it to tweet examples of when I encounter the reciprocity economy in action. But also, by sending a reply to @reciprocaltimes you, yes YOU, can also help collate them.

We can then analyse them and see if there are any common themes and if the reciprocity economy concept has any value in considering online interactions.

I'm in danger of compounding experimental variables here – I am both testing whether the theory has any merit, and also whether twitter is a useful collation method, so a failure won't tell me which one is wrong necessarily. To overcome this I have set my success criteria as low as  I can: ten replies from someone. Go on, make me a sucess.

The Smiths – Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want

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