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    The Lamb Formula = Good enough?

    In my previous presentation one of the slides I didn't get to displayed the following Venn Diagram for what I term 'The Lamb formula' (Image created by crappygraphs) This is from Brian Lamb, who borrows the title from Errol Morris' documentary, to describe the kind of technology he likes, and thinks is useful. My take on these three elements (which may be different to Brian's) as they pertain to education is: Fast – Technology that is easy to learn and quick to set up. You don't need to go on a training course to use it, or put in a request to central IT services to set it up. This…

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    Let’s play OER Roulette!

    (The academic version of sending your child up a chimney) This is the last in my trilogy of Open Ed 2010 posts. For my presentation at Open Ed 2010 I wanted to do something a bit different. I had the last slot on a long second day (ie ‘the graveyard shift’) and I was speaking after David Wiley (who gave an excellent presentation as always), so the odds were stacked against me. In addition my daughter accompanied me so I wanted to include her in some way. I remember seeing Elvis Costello in concert once and he had a large wheel at the front with a number of songs listed…

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    Am I done with conferencing?

    This is no reflection on Open Ed, I’ve been moving away from conferences for a while. I enjoyed giving my presentation at Open Ed, and I managed to make it interactive to an extent. But I’m coming to the conclusion that I’m done with the traditional conference format. I had a couple of discussions with Brian and Scott around this and talked about how difficult it was to break away from the traditional format. The reason comes down to money essentially, although it’s tied up with a host of other issues. There is a circular logic in organising a conference that is difficult to escape, let’s call it the Conference…

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    The strange case of the unconnected conference

    (An unexpected appearance by the Two Ronnies went some way to alleviate frustration about the lack of wifi at OpenEd 2010 – Richard Hall and Joss Winn in full flow). I was at the Open Ed 2010 conference last week. First off, I want to say that it was great to finally meet Brian Lamb and I really enjoyed presentations from Richard Hall, David Wiley, Erik Duval, Joss Winn and others. So this post is not a comment on the quality of the conference or the discussions I had there. The conference was held in the science museum CosmoCaixa. This is a great museum and my daughter loved it. It…