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    Crowdsourcing a conspiracy of sentiment

    In my conspiracy of sentiment post I suggested that established media and power resented, even hated, the use of social media because they didn't understand it and couldn't control it. As with all conspiracies (I'm not suggesting it's an explicit conspiracy) one begins to see its reach everywhere once you believe it. But I could be alone in this, so I have decided to open it up, and also I know that I won't be able to track all instances. So I have set up an open blog at The aim of this is to gather examples where the use of social media is a contributing factor to some negative…

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    Living in interesting times

    As someone whose professional life sits at the intersection of the internet and higher education, the past week has been interesting to say the least, and not a little depressing. I'm not sure I have much to add to what's been said about the two big stories of wikileaks and student fees, but I have woken up on an almost daily basis thinking 'are we really witnessing this?'. So, lest I allow it to slide into normality, I thought I'd record some of my reactions to it all. Wikileaks As Clay Shirky has put it, I'm conflicted about Wikileaks – even as an advocate of openness, I know there are…