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    Where do you go for community?

    (It is a little known fact that every time a pub closes, an angel dies) I use the site Blipfoto to do the photo a day thing. I’m not that active over there, but it is one of those sites that some people really, really, love. It has developed a strong community over the years, but this week it was announced it was going into liquidation. It may not be lost, as a buy-out may be on the cards, but it’s a reminder of the fragility of these things. It doesn’t bother me too much, I started a WordPress blog to do the same, and I’m in the lucky position…

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    What I learnt from a photo a day

    I've blogged on this before, after I had done my first year of a photo a day, using Flickr. I stopped that in July 2011, and found that I wasn't taking any photographs. So after some encouragement from Karen Cropper to try blipfoto, I started again in Oct 2011. Today I ran a session at the OU along with Juliette Culver on what I learnt from a photo a day. It was a fun workshop and went down well. The slidecast is below, complete with sh**e photographs.   What I learnt from a photo a day View another webinar from Martin Weller

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    10 things I learnt from Flickr Photo a day

    This time last year I was feeling a bit down, and thought I needed a bit of a challenge to motivate myself. So I started the Flickr photo a day thing. If you haven't seen this, the clue is in the title – you aim to take a photo a day for a year. You don't have to upload one a day (I didn't always have connectivity), but you have to take one a day and you have to take it. That's all.  So what did I learn from the process? 1) I'm not a very good photographer 2) I didn't really improve as a photographer much in terms of…