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    Some big hitting technologies (shiny show special)

    Well, it's been an eventful few weeks for technology releases, which have been blogged to death, but here's a quick roundup from my point of view. Google Wonderwheel – the smallest of the releases, but potentially significant. Wonderwheel gives a visual representation of search terms, with the term at the centre and then related ones around it. Naturally, each of these terms is itself searchable, so you can quickly build up an expanded search tree across a domain. Here is a search I did using Tony Hirst's blog name (OUseful Info) as the starting term: You could dismiss this as just some shiny added to search, but hat is interesting…

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    I’m aggregating, aggregating (a shiny show special)

    Image: Different uses of tools from last post, created in Gliffy Following on from my last post, I have been looking at tools which allow users to collect together different online resources for sharing. What I'm interested in is aggregating and sequencing content together so you can distribute your sequence to others easily, a kind of flash mini-course creator. Scott Leslie twittered the other day, asking a similar thing and pointed me at the wiki scratchpad for his upcoming educator as DJ talk. So I worked through some of these, and here si my experience: Tumblr – as I mentioned in my previous post, I've rather taken to Tumblr. It's…

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    Shiny show #4

    The latest edition of the highly unanticipated Shiny Show. This month's shinies go to the following, who can bask in shiny glory. AudioBoo – sort of Flickr for audio, so you can upload audio clip, tag them, follow someone, sort by tags, embed clips, etc. It's restricted to iPhone and computer upload at the moment, but the mobile emphasis is interesting. You can imagine students using it in a number of ways:i) An audio reflective journal for thoughts, ideas, etcii) Gathering around a topic, for example agreeing a tag and then having global projects where students share audio clips ('What's the dawn chorus like where you are?')iii) Finding content from…

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    Shiny show #3

    I had an email from Kate Winslet this morning saying she would gladly swap her Oscar for a Shiny, but I had to let her down. Sorry Kate, unless The Reader is in fact a mashup tool for finding great quotes and blending them with socially constructed text, you can’t have one. Yes, Oscars, schmoscars, these are the awards that really count. This month’s shinies go to: OpenZine – let’s you create your own magazine, using a simple layout tool, and you can find shared content, subscribe to other magazines, etc. I have produced the first, and yes probably last, issue of The EdTechie, which looks at PLEs. It was…

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    Shiny show 2

    Following on from the hugely irrelevant Shiny Show 1, I bring the next instalment, where I look at any new technologies that have crossed my path and evaluate them from an educational perspective. The usual proviso that some of these may not be that new, it's just when I get to them. Odadeo – a social network site for dads. It is built around the concept of 'pledges', eg 'I pledge to be more patient', or 'I pledge to take my daughter to see High School bloody Musical 3'. You can then 'pip' your pledges when you do something towards them. You can share pledges and there is a 'Dadsdaq'…