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    25 Years of EdTech: 2014 – Learning analytics

    [Continuing the 25 Years of Ed Tech series] Data, data, data. It’s the new oil and the new driver of capitalism, war, politics. So inevitably its role in education would come to the fore. Interest in analytics is driven by the increased amount of time that students spend in online learning environments, particularly LMSs and MOOCs. Although not a direct consequence, there is a definite synergy and similarity between MOOCs and analytics. Both brought new people into education technology, particularly from the computer science field. I think we can be a bit snooty about this, what are all these hard core empiricists suddenly doing in our touchy-feely domain? But if…

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    The iceland of Dallas

      <Dallas deathstar in the snow – this may, or may not, be a metaphor> I was at the MOOC research initiative conference in Dallas, Texas last week. As Jim and others have reported, we got caught in icemageddon, but that's a whole other (war) story. I'll be doing a few posts about the conference. It was a fantastic meeting, well done George Siemens, Amy Collier and Tanya Joosten for putting it together. I got to have some great conversations, and meet people I've know online for years. Which is by way of apology for my first post being a bit negative. This one concerns one aspect of the conference…

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    Learning Analytics 2011 is the place to be

    (This man wants your data) I'm pleased to say I've managed to get some funding to attend the first conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK 2011), organised by George Siemens and the good folk at Athabasca. It's in Banff, Canada, Feb 27th to March 1st. Look at some of the people on the steering committee: Erik Duval, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium David Wiley, Brigham Young University, US Dave Cormier, University of Prince Edward Island, Canada Tony Hirst, Open University, UK Grainne Conole, Open University, UK Dragan Gasevic, CSIS, Athabasca University, Canada Simon Buckingham Shum, Knowledge Media Institute, UK Caroline Haythornthwaite, University of British Columbia, Canada I think this first conference…