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    A Pedagogy of Abundance take 2

    I gave a presentation for George Siemens CCK09 course last night, which explored an idea I had proposed in this blog a while back, on the pedagogy of abundance. I wanted to explore the idea, so talked for half an hour and then we had a good discussion. You can see the recording of the session in Elluminate here. Below is a slidecast of the presentation. My main argument was that in economics previous models were based on an assumption of scarcity. In a digital world we have abundance and many of these models do not apply. There are two types of response to this, the abundance response which assumes…

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    What I hope to learn from CCK08

    I've signed up for George Siemens and Stephen Downes massive online open course "Connectivism and Connective Knowledge" which starts next week. I have a kind of meta-interest in it (as I suspect a lot of participants do), in that I'm not just interested in what the course is about, but also in how it works. So, as much as I am interested in the content, I'd have signed up if it was 'Shakespearean Tragedies' or 'George and Stephen play the banjo'. So here's what I hope to find out over the coming months: To get a better appreciation of connectivism and particularly how people are applying it. To see how…