OpenEd conference – be afraid


Scott asked me to be on the committee for the Open Ed conference, which is in Vancouver this August. These are dangerous people – unfortunately I can't go, so I urge other right thinking Europeans to submit papers so they can go undercover and report on their activities.

[For non-UK readers this is a remix of the current paranoia posters in the UK. See Boing Boing for better remixes.]


  1. Awesome. I’m going to try to go undercover to infiltrate these dangerous edudisruptors.

  2. Brian says:

    OK, learning is safe, but who will save that baby from the clutches of eduterrorism?

  3. martin says:

    that’s no baby – it’s Jim Groom doing a surveillance job on the CCTV.

  4. Jim says:

    I heard that!

  5. buy wow gold says:

    Nice, just like the wow demotivational pictures but this one is more hilarious.

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