What a difference some design makes

I came across wetpaint today – a service that allows people to easily create wikis. Nothing particularly new there, but here’s the catch – they look good! Most wikis are a bit on the bland side, but without any specialist programming skills anyone can create an attractive wiki here. It seems to have caught on too with lots of hobby and interest sites flourishing, although a lot of them seem to be just using it to create websites that don’t really do much by the way of wiki.

I am currently considering where we house the FLOSScom summer school (which will be about learning in an open source community), and wikiversity seems the logical choice, but the interface of wetpaint is nicer and may encourage more participation.

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  • Kevin

    Hi Martin,
    Thanks for giving Wetpaint a whirl. I’m glad you’ve found Wetpaint to be on the good looking side of wikis! We’d be super-excited if you used Wetpaint for your summer school. I’m sure the ease of use and visual presentation would encourage participation which is so critical in any collaborative environment. If you do use Wetpaint, we’d also love to hear about your experiences and how we might be able to improve it to better serve your needs.
    All the best,

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