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Flickrvision and glanceability

I spent rather too long gazing at Flickrvision today (via Alan Cann). In a kind of web 2.0 orgy, I had some americana music playing through LastFM also which made it an audio/visual experience (of course I should have been twittering about it to really be 2.0, but I’ll blog instead). Tony Hirst recently blogged about the concept of glanceability which we picked up from James Cridland. This strikes me as a good example, although I didn’t so much glance as lose myself (perhaps we need another term such as procrastinatability or gazeability). I could dip in and out as I worked but it was more than just radio, and different from TV.

I have been having some thoughts about future collaboration with the BBC and one might be to generate glanceability content that is associated with a radio programme, so it can scroll across a digital TV or a web player. This might be OU material, or student generated material from OU students. Either way I think it is possible to have decent synergy between a programme that is of interest to students and content that is of interest to general listeners. I wasn’t so keen on Twittervision as an entertainment or diversion, although I can see it may have good educational uses again if it was linked to a programme or event.

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