Feedburner, no Typepad, goes AWOL

[Update – the problem was Typepad’s not Feedburner’s, so I humbly apologise to Feedburner. See Sue Waters post]

Got a tweet from Sarah Horrigan today, saying her Feedburner feed for my blog was sending her to a blog on pregnancy called Jumping Monkeys. Sure enough, Google Reader had pulled in that blog’s feed for me also. I checked in Feedburner, everything seemed normal, the feed pointed to my blog, the pages listed were my pages, but my reach had dropped to zero.

I tried unsubscribing in GReader and resubscribing, but to no effect. I was now panicking somewhat. Having worked hard to build up around 500 subscribers, they were now all getting posts about baby sitters (okay, some are probably preferring them). I could feel my technorati rating tumbling. The Feedburner help is, let’s be fair, rubbish. There seems to be now way to contact them direct and the forums didn’t contain anything useful.

So, I had to disconnect from Feedburner and reinstate and RSS feed on this blog. It’s here by the way: http://nogoodreason.typepad.co.uk/no_good_reason/rss.xml

But the thing is lots of people won’t know I’ve turned feedburner off, they’ll assume I’ve either had a sex change and started blogging about pregnancy, gone insane or just stopped blogging. Thank heavens I could at least put a call out in Twitter.

I’m whimpering now.


  • Nigel

    I’ve been having problems with RSS feeds too – weirdness in the RSS world isn’t confined to you.
    It does point to the need for feedback loops though – the stuff that’s turned to custard for me is on a page showing twitter feeds (for folk new to online stuff) so I don’t go there often enough to check it’s hanging together.

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