Born again


Not being one of those, you know, obsessive bloggers, every summer my blogging activity takes a dip. This summer we went to France for an extended holiday, and I barely twittered, let alone blogged, for four weeks. This happens most summers as the graph below shows of my twitter activity (from tweetstats).
Picture 4
Then every September I face the problem of getting started again. In this respect every year I get to be reminded how it feels to be a new blogger. When you are 'in the network' – you're reading blogs regularly, engaging with twitter, linking out to others, and blogging sufficiently to have comments and feedback then blogging itself becomes easier. What all this requires is momentum – you need to be part of the conversation/network/hive/whatever you want to call it.

It's easier if you are just starting up again though – within a week I'll be back in the swing of it, but it's much harder to get started with all this stuff. You need to build up your network to have something to react to, but you are also building on top of your own existing material. I'm not sure when it comes, but there is a (I don't want to use this term) tipping point when it stops being a graft and becomes something of second nature because you have sufficient inertia.

And in the meantime, you can always do blog posts about the struggle to blog…


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