A bava birthday gift

Over at bavatuesdays Jim Groom recently celebrated his 1,000th post. Stephen Downes made a comment that maybe he should do a clip show, which set me thinking. Us bloggers don’t have much to give each other except links, so maybe we should honour those bloggers we admire with something more. So, below is my birthday gift for the bava, long may his insanity reign.


  • Jim

    I’ll tell you, The Woman Who Knew Too Much clip is a nice touch, bravo! I’m deeply honored and thrilled at the same time, how fun is this whole blogging thing, and to think we are framing a way of being in the world through all kinds of new ideas of distance and proximity with corporeality and sharing the things about this world we love. I don;t know, posts like this suggest the deeply human relationships that emerge from putting it all out their openly and honestly, so thank you Martin….now why didn’t you include my shaving video, huh? That’s my masterpiece! I’m a misunderstood artist 🙂

  • Martin

    @Tom – well, thank _you_ for providing so many good flickr images I could pinch.
    @Jim – I feel ashamed for myself and all my family for not including ‘me shaving’. And also, I only discovered the bava Shining homage vid after I’d finished.

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