Social:Learn kickabout

Tony has posted about a potential get together to thrash out some issues around the Social:Learn project. To recap, it’s an attempt by the OU to build an open system that helps facilitate social networking for learning. Along the way it may be a VLE killer too, but don’t tell anyone.

Tony puts it like this:

"Work on the API has already begun – an external development team are
scoping it out at the moment over in the US – and the design theme for
the site we’re gonna get someone else to build around those APIs are
already being put together by an external design agency…

…but we all know that’s not enough, right? Platforms and APIs
only gain traction when people start to play with them, developers as
well as users, which is why I’m floating this post…

So – we’re looking to see if there are any developers out there who
are working for educational institutions (formal or otherwise) or
training organisations (public, private or voluntary sector) who’d like
to meet up for pizza and and pint in a Barcamp/unconference like
setting, and share a story or two about the itches that are bugging you
in plugging institutional services together, and the third party
systems you’d love to pull into your organisation, whether it’s the
VLE, your dreams of a PLE, the LMS or the WTF…"

So, if you’re in the UK and fancy a get together, let us know. We’d also be interested in a north American get together sometime (perhaps with those demented edugluers…)


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