Shiny show #4

The latest edition of the highly unanticipated Shiny Show. This month's shinies go to the following, who can bask in shiny glory.

AudioBoo – sort of Flickr for audio, so you can upload audio clip, tag them, follow someone, sort by tags, embed clips, etc. It's restricted to iPhone and computer upload at the moment, but the mobile emphasis is interesting. You can imagine students using it in a number of ways:
i) An audio reflective journal for thoughts, ideas, etc
ii) Gathering around a topic, for example agreeing a tag and then having global projects where students share audio clips ('What's the dawn chorus like where you are?')
iii) Finding content from educators.
Here is the video explaining it:


Walking through Audioboo from Mark Rock on Vimeo.

Mailana Twitter network analysis – I try to avoid doing Twitter apps because a) everyone else does them and b) they don't often have much value. Mailana is a commercial tool for analysing corporate data I think, and this twitter analysis is driven by it. It's nice, it shows the network of your twitter friends and lists your BFFs ('Best Friends Forever'), based on the number of replies you send each other. Here is my twitter network.  Not particularly educational, but I think getting to know and analyse your PLN will be something we all do regularly (maybe it's a digital literacy?)

Glogster – this is quite old, but I didn't get around to blogging it last year. It creates multi-media 'posters' so is really just a cool way of aggregating a lot of embed items together. As for a lot of shinies, this one could be used just as an alternative activity for getting students to engage with a subject. Here is one ccosmato did for edupunk:

We tell stories – from Penguin, six authors tell a story using different means, such as Google Maps (21 steps). Really neat, simple ideas, which would work well in a number of educational settings. Want to tell the history of computing? Use a map approach and see what locations and elements students think are significant. Discuss. Get good grades.

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