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Logyourrun quick review

My running rather tailed off towards the end of last year (in favour of mince pies and beer) so for the new year have a new schedule set up. I came across a 2.0 running site – logyourrun. Here’s a quick review:

  • The ability to share training schedules is useful. I created my own, but as is often the case, used others for inspiration.
  • Having all your running tools in one place is really useful. I used to use gmap-pedometer to plot my routes, but logyourrun has Google maps embedded so you can create a set of routes to choose from. When you come to log your run you can then select the route you took and it will add in the distance and calculate pace, etc. There are also blogs, forums, etc.
  • It has reasonable graphing functions, showing your pace against your schedule.
  • The syntax for the running schedule you create is rather limited. It only recognises ‘miles’, ‘rest’ (I’m good at this one) and ‘cross’. So if you use any other terms it doesn’t add the distance in. As a runner I’d want terms such as hills, race, fartlek, pace, tempo and easy to be available so I could create a more sophisticated training plan.
  • It doesn’t allow goals to be set in terms of time as far as I can see, only distance. If you are aiming for a race goal, then it’s not that you ran 6 miles in a training session that is important but that you did it at the required pace.
  • It does have a blog widget – this was my main reason for signing up (although I’ve since found out Nike+ does this now as well, but my iPod Nano suffered an ignoble death when it was washed along with my kit). This is great, a while ago I blogged about shaming yourself into action (after Kerry Buckley’s visible belly graph). Making my running log public is a motivating factor. I know that no-one else really cares, but having it public makes you less likely to skip sessions (or more likely to lie about it). One has to be careful about this public display of all actions however – the default setting when creating routes is to make it public, but as most of mine go from my house, this is potentially dodgy.


  • AJ Cann

    Seems to me (shin-splinted ex-runner) that this is crying out for some social content. the reason all those new year fitness programmes get dropped is isolation, so what about some sort of handicap-points programme where you can compete against (or collaborate with) other users of the site?

  • Patrick

    Your tale of trailing off at the end of the year is one I can relate to. My wife, bless her, bought me the Garmin Forerunner 305 for Christmas, and it comes with its own training software which does much of what you describe above. Plus, there are other applications available for download like Training Peaks, that allow for more dissection of your run and workouts.
    Sue Waters pointed me in your direction, and I’ve added you to my aggregator. Look forward to sharing more in this regard.

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