Songs for a funeral

AJ has a post about using lettermelater (a means of posting future emails) to send a message about your funeral preferences. He limits himself to 3 songs, so here are my choices:

1. Pyramid song – radiohead. Get ’em all weepy and reflective.

2. Dress sexy at my funeral – Smog. C’mon, you’d have to go for this.

3. Bankrobber – The Clash. Leave ’em humming, and because there are no songs about being an educational technologist.

Reminds me of an idea floated over at the half-bakery a few years back for the Fatal Auto Collision Song that would detect when you had been in a fatal crash and would play your pre-selected choice. You would thus be spared the final insult of spending your last few minutes being forced to listen to Britney on the radio.


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