OU Conference – talks as separate files

Karen Cropper and Paul Harris here in IET have done sterling work in chopping up all the Elluminate sessions from the OU Conference, so you can now access each talk separately. The start and finish of each one isn't very smooth since they are taken from the larger stream, but once you get started it works well. They are all available on the OU Podcast site.

They seem to be separate files at the moment, so not embeddable, but we'll try and get around to that, but they are downloadable, so you can put them on your iPod (other devices are available) and listen whenever. Here is Jimmy Wales' talk (which I've put up in Blip.Tv), it is a bit messy at the start since we had trouble uploading his slides, so don't worry about the slides flicking around for a while. He gives a great, informal and entertaining talk:

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