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Another hard day at the office on Twitpic

I'm on holiday soon, so I thought I'd try an experiment and hand over my blog to someone else while I'm away. That (un)lucky person is Phil Greaney. I've never had a guest blogger before, and not sure it will work, not because of Phil, but because a blog is tied to the individual (and if you want a little bit of vomit to come up, your 'personal brand'). But it'll also be fun to see another voice on here and if that makes me reflect on the nature of the blog itself. This is the fun of being a blogger – you can try this stuff without too much risk.

Of course, I know what will happen, I'll come back and everyone will be saying 'where's that nice young Phil chap gone? He was so much more interesting'. So over to you Phil, good luck!

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