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Edukashun is brocken – the Tumblr

To save me clogging up this blog by banging on about the lazy ‘education is broken’ meme used to justify venture capital, I’ve set up one of those Tumblr blogs that gathers stuff together here:

I think there’s a slight danger that like Pseuds Corner in Private Eye it ends up including too much. In the case of Pseuds corner it sometimes seems that any attempt to use words of more than one syllable will be lampooned. Similarly, this tumblr may end up including any attempt to talk about the future of education. In general what I want are those pieces where the education is broken meme is trotted out largely as a pretence for some solution the company or individual has to offer. But I’ll take anything in this area really. I would like to pretend that one day I’ll go through them and do a semantic analysis or cluster analysis of concepts. But I’ll probably just make a sarcastic one-liner instead.

Any suggestions for inclusion just tweet me @mweller.

Mildly interesting aside – I often talk about finding the right voice for a blog. This one is the carefully considered, balanced, poorly written one. I found that as soon as I started doing this tumblr blog it revealed a much snarkier, sarcastic me. Some people may like that, others not.


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