One for the Edupunkers

I wasn't going to post on Jim's Edupunk stuff because although I think it's spot-on, it made me feel slightly left out, and too corporate (Edupunk's don't concern themselves with things like business models). I'm not radical enough to be part of it. This was a purely personal reaction, I applaud the notion of remixing, DIY edtech, openness, etc.  I sit on things like steering committees, produce papers and write research bids after all. I may not be the Man, but I'm on nodding terms with him.

But then I watched Tony's presentation on publishing, data and copyright and felt positively inspired. I don't use this word lightly (except when talking about football) – genius.

So, I offer up the following as a homage to all the edupunkers out there. Such an obvious Hirst rip-off may be the equivalent of a middle-aged man wearing leather trousers, but even if I'm not an edupunk, like original punk, we all benefit from the changes they make to the scene. Enjoy:




  • Jim

    I do think a genuine GENIUS is in order. Wow Martin, the idea of creating around an impromptu aesthetic to communicate a few ideas we all share in one way or another seems the best way to play with this metaphor, and reinforce that it is about relationships and ideas! Awesome!!! I love the brits!

  • Martin

    @Stephen – sorry I really don’t understand your point. I didn’t say I don’t get it, I said I didn’t think I was an edupunk. That’s not the same as not getting it. If someone tells you they are not a racist (I’m obviously not equating edupunk with racism, just highlighting the absurdity of the argument), you don’t think it’s because ‘by definition’ they don’t get racism. Quite the opposite in fact. I _get_ edupunk, but I also get _me_ and know I’m probably not radical enough to be one. I can _get_ great literature without be a great novelist also.
    @Brian – I bet I know which image made you spurt coffee…
    @D’Arcy @Scott – you know I’ll take all the Canadian love I can get.
    @Jim – thanks, mainly its’ about having that fun stuff, which a few people seem to have missed.
    @Jabiz – ‘interpret edupunk’ would make a great undergrad project wouldn’t it?

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