Tony Hirst pointed me to Slideshare – in short it’s a Flickr for Powerpoint presentations. It’s only in beta at the moment. You might think ‘so what?’ but I think they might be on to something. They make the pitch that lots of presentations are lost, or we end up emailing them around. But equally it could be a great resource. Much of MIT’s opencourseware is in the form of powerpoint files. If every educator put their presentations up here, it would represent a really good repository for students and fellow educators. Now, I know Powerpoint files are limited, and having them without the context is often near useless, but they do represent a kind of lingua franca of dissemination – not the best, but a reasonable base level.

You can also embed your Slideshare presentation in a blog, so here’s my trial with my presentation from Monday on research directions in VLEs.

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