iTunes nonplus

I had a strange experience with iTunes Plus recently that left me scratching my head at the logic of DRM.

I was trying to create a playlist and realised an album I had bought a while ago wasn't in my library (Chet Baker Sings, if you're interested – it's melloooooooow). It must have been lost in transfers between laptops, so I went to the music store and went through the process of buying it again. In the past when this has happened it has notified me that I already own it and has let me download it again for free. This time however, it said I could download it from iTunes Plus at a discounted price (20p a track), BUT only if I also purchased all the other iTunes Plus tracks it had picked out for me at the same time. So, in order to get the bargain price, I had to spend £3o on tracks that I already owned. Yeah, like I'm going to do that. So for all the fanfare of DRM free music on iTunes plus, it seems to be yet another way of making you pay again for music.

And they wonder why people flock to BitTorrent…

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