I was slow to get Qik

I'd seen a bit of chat about the video service Qik (mainly from Scoble's twitter feed), and AJ is always trying to get us converted to Seesmic, but I hadn't really been enthused, seeing at just another way of capturing video on the web. Then this week I had a chat with OU geek/EEE evangelist Liam and he wanted to show me Qik on the mobile.

So we had a qik go with it, and minor epiphany moment – of course, it's only when you see it in conjunction with mobile technology that it makes sense. Nearly everyone has video capability on their phones, but the problem is that it uses up memory. But Qik streams to their server, so you are not storing it locally. Now I get it! We're all broadcasters on the move now. The educational possibilities of this are intriguing, and we want to explore them for SocialLearn. As well as streaming events, I like the notion of using it as your own journal – recording half thoughts, ideas, tasks, etc and linking these to your goals. There are some nice touches, eg you can set it up to automatically post to Twitter, YouTube, etc

Never let it be said that I am qik on the uptake (ok, that's enough qik/quick puns). Here is the vid we shot when playing around:



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