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Top widgets (or why Google runs the world)


(charlessc – http://www.flickr.com/photos/charlesc/100343106/)

My favourite search tool, Lijit, has a feature on the top widgets. The top two by quite some distance are Google Analytics and Google Syndication (AdSense). Surprisingly mybloglog is third (well above Technorati and Twitter).

The post also breaks them down by type, with ‘metrics’ being the most common type of widget people add. They also show the most popular tools within each category, and it’s here you really see the dominance of Google. In the Analytics category Google Analytics scores 39.9% compared with Sitemeter in second place with 16.2%. In Ads, Adsense has a whopping 84.8% share of the market, and in video, YouTube unsurprisingly sweeps the board with 86.6%.

One rather ironic, and thus sweet result – Google comes third in Search (behind Snap and Lijit).

Still it shows one thing – all that twenty percent time is paying off for Google.

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