The Selfies – award your own blog

After the Eddies and the Downesies, and in the spirit of end of year reviews, I’ve decided to award myself some Selfies, ie awards for my own blog given by me.

Here they are:

Best post

I think I’ll give this to the Future of Content debate. I’m not sure it worked as an integrated article, but I enjoyed the discussion and playing with the format. This is probably the closest I’ve come to something that compares with ‘proper’ scholarly output in my blog.

Worst post

Aside from this one, I think the Lexicon for real world/virtual world interaction was a naked bit of linkbaiting. And it didn’t even work. Sorry.

Favourite widget

I do like having my Twitter posts showing up on but I think I’ll give this to Ligit. I don’t use it a lot but socially enhanced search is going to be big I reckon.

Favourite use of media

I don’t use embedded media much (see below) so haven’t got a lot to choose from. So it’s a no-brainer to go for Slidecasts. Insomnia sufferers will be pleased to hear I plan to do more of these next year.

Most irritating habit

I seem incapable of doing a post:

  • that doesn’t
  • include
  • a list
  • of some sort.

Biggest area for improvement

If we accept I’m not going to have a personality change and become more interesting, than I really am too text based. I need to use more images, and this is my resolution for next year, to add more ‘design’ to my posts.

Best linker

Tony Hirst and I have a kind of extended blog dialogue going, but I’ll give this to AJ for outing me as a Spongebob fan.

Technorati basher

The post that most improved your technorati ranking. It was probably the Future of content one, but I’ll give it to The VLE/LMS is dead, because it was a post I knocked off quickly and was surprised by the interest it generated. Which goes to show, you can never tell what posts will spark off a debate in the blogosphere.

So there they are, the Selfies: indulgent, self-referential and pointless. Bit like the Oscars really…


  • Sue Waters

    I have to agree that your Lijit widget is really cool and I am really unhappy (deleted bad word) that I can’t install on my edublogs blog due to Javascript not being allowed. Really limits the widgets I can have.
    Absolutely nothing wrong with Slidecast in fact it is probably the best choice. As a podcaster I was crying when the same video went way more ballistic on Slidecast then on my podcast site. Now that totally sucks but shows you the audience potential of Slidecast.
    Love lists so that deserves a golden tick.
    If we look at important posts – one of my most popular was tips of being a More Effective Blogger. Trust me you are doing a good job. Great layout, nice writing style, good use of headings makes up for any lack of images. Although I didn’t need to hear about Spongebob (or any children cartoon especially Nemo in case you felt the need to add him to a later post!).
    Enjoyed reading your post! Have an excellent Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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