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elearning 2.0 and Christensen

At a meeting yesterday I talked some bobbins around web 2.0 and education. My last slide provided a Christensen/Innovator’s dilemma analysis (see below). I have some reservations about the disruptive technology theory, or rather its over-application to everything, but putting those to one side, I wanted to look at how we might use it to look at the web 2.0 versions of OU e-learning. So, I took a list of OU concepts and provided a Sustaining and Disruptive version. My set of concepts were:

So if we take the disruptive technologies model, then these appeal to a different audience, while the sustaining ones appeal to the existing audience. So from an educational perspective the key to the successful application of web 2.0 to education is to ask what audience would the right hand column appeal to? If we can answer this then perhaps we’ll overcome my concern about education being intrinsically dull.

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