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Innovating Pedagogy 2020

Cover of Innovating Pedagogy report

Sorry I’m a bit late with this, I’ve been writing (more on that in the next post).

The annual Innovating Pedagogy report is out. As ever this is written by my colleagues in IET, in collaboration with another institution. This time it was the super smart gang at the National Institute of Digital Learning at Dublin City University.

The report continues with the aim of focusing on pedagogic developments that are related to technology, but crucially not focusing on the technology itself. This year’s innovations are:

  • Artificial intelligence in education
  • Posthumanist perspectives
  • Learning through open data
  • Engaging with ethics
  • Social justice pedagogy
  • Esports
  • Learning from animations
  • Multisensory learning
  • Offline networked learning
  • Online laboratories

I think the first of these captures the nature and intent of the report very well. It is not an AI puff piece, nor is it wholly critical. There is a strong emphasis on ethical considerations and practical application throughout the report. I’m particularly pleased to see open data, and engaging with data ethics as topics in there, as these both represent the possible direction for ed tech that will be important in the coming decade. But that is my personal bias, and like a bag of Revels, there is something in there for everyone. I hope you find it useful and engaging.

Download PDF here.

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