We get the culture minister we deserve

Camus said of Mersault in L'Etranger that he was the 'Christ we deserve'. This phrase has been used many times, usually to indicate that if a society has a problem, then the reasons can be found within the society itself, eg 'we get the Government we deserve.'

In the digital world though, maybe we can reclaim it to mean we really do get the X we deserve and want. This came to mind when Tech journalist Mike Butcher of Techcrunch, 'stole' (or kidnapped, hijacked?) the twitter id of the UK culture minister Andy Burnham. He hasn't stolen anything of course, just claimed that twitter id. He did it part in jest, and part in protest to Burnham's proposal to further regulate web content.

But it set me thinking – we should engage with @andyburnham as if he really was the culture minister we always wanted, ie one who actually understands culture (and they lump in sport as well). So here's my suggestion – follow andyburnham and send him (non-rude, reasonably sensible) suggestions as to what a culture minister should do. That way if the real Andy Burnham ever wants his id he can see what he should be doing.

Oh, and if you're interested the twitter ID tessajowell is still free, if anyone wanted to get us the Olympics we deserve.

[Update, Twitter have suspended the anyburnham account! Booooo!]


  • AJ Cann

    I’m alternately depressed and amused by this story, ultimately writing it off as an example lookatme greasy pole wannbe PR. No way Burnham could really be that stupid.
    Twitter have been hot on suspending “fake” accounts recently. Maybe you should go for FakeBurnham or BurnhamsATwit?
    Blogging up a storm there Martin, and I’m lovin’ it. Welcome back to the ‘sphere 😉

  • Martin Weller

    What is interesting is that I think we respond differently to a person’s name than if we had a ‘send us your feedback’ link. We are more likely to engage with them and give them genuine feedback (and abuse). Thx for the comment – BTW had you pegged as the Alec Guiness of blogging.

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