Twitter Tales

I know lots of people don’t get Twitter and last week Will accused me of having a Twitter addiction. Part of my response to Will was that as I work at home a lot, Twitter really gives a lot of that peer/professional/social interaction you get at work. I’m not addicted to Twitter, but I might be addicted to my network.

Anyway, I thought I would start collecting series of exchanges on Twitter that over time will show this variety of interaction. So I’m going to start posting ‘Twitter Tales’ here. My approach is apart from a brief intro to let the tweets do the talking themselves and just list the interchange. I hope that over time I’ll have enough Twitter Tales that the next time someone asks me why I do it, I can just point them at my Twitter Tales anthology. I would be interested in hearing other tales too, so blog yours.

One point – all of the exchanges are public, so I won’t explicitly ask people’s permission to list them here – I’m assuming that’s ok?


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