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A lexicon for the virtual/real world intersection

It strikes me that there are a number of new social behaviours that are arising when our online/web 2.0/social network selves intersect with our real, physical, everyday lives. So, while awake with jet lag I started compiling some new terms. I have put these up in a Wetpaint wiki, so you can add to them yourselves:

  • Twintle – a knowing look someone gives you when you meet them face to face, who is also a Facebook friend or Twitter follower, where they debate whether they should mention your status updates, or whether that would be impolite. e.g. "I met Kathy the other day, and I’d been saying about how much I hated work at the moment on Facebook, and she gave me a twintle, but didn’t say anything."
  • Unpoke – the disappointment of meeting someone in real life and finding they are not as interesting or amusing as their online personas. E.g. "I met Psychopony the other day at a conference, he was really dull, definite unpoke."
  • BackBacn  – when a post generates a lot of real life traffic, for example every second person at work comes up to you and comments on it. E.g. "I did a rant about the RAE the other day, talk about BackBacn!"
  • Twetch – when someone reveals rather too much about themselves online. E.g. "Dave’s a real twetch, he was twittering about his operation in graphic detail, I almost fetched my breakfast."
  • Friendgap – the awkwardness when you meet someone whose invitation to be a friend you declined.

So have a go yourself – okay, it was an excuse to try out Wetpaint, did I mention I’d set up a wiki?


  • Rebecca

    How about Faceing? – when you DO refer to people’s status update.
    I Faced Wolf about his obsession with toasters and later I Faced James about the amount of chocolate he has been eating recently.
    First thing we say in the office each morning tends to relate to someone’s status update – we never Twintle at this end of the corridor 🙂

  • Sarah

    Statearse – a person who drops in uncomfortable mentions of your Facebook status updates at inappropriate points in the conversation
    Faddict – someone who can’t manage a day without checking Facebook
    Faceblank – the look on someone’s face if you refer to social networking stuff and they have no idea what you’re saying, ‘So an’ so twittered about it…’
    Pre-blogupied – knowing the person you’re talking to isn’t really listening and is composing their next blog entry in their head
    Flickurgh – someone who posts inappropriate photos to image-sharing sites

  • Martin

    Sarah, these are just great, much better than mine. They have to go on the wiki (where there are already some excellent additions). Statearse is one I was trying to find a term for.
    Rebecca – are you responsible for the wiki additions? They are great.

  • Sarah

    MYspace – the feeling of wanting to delete all wall postings from someone you only accepted a friend request from out of politeness and now they won’t leave you alone
    The Semantic Pleb – someone who only comments on blogs by picking up minor spelling errors
    Bloggage – a hasty blog posting about your employer which will return to haunt you when you attempt to apply for a new position
    Twit – a person whose status updates are uniformly idiotic and / or dull
    LinkedOut – realising you’ve accepted too many online friends to keep up with them all
    Sociopath Networking – mistakenly thinking that accepting a slightly mad ex-partner’s friendship request was a good idea

  • Sarah

    Wikid – Wikipedia expert who turns out to be a 12 year old geek from Ohio
    Appnoying – sending invites for umpteen werewolf / vampire / zombie / inane Facebook apps to people who just aren’t interested
    Rantertainment – deliberately making controversial postings so that you can sit back and watch the ensuing fireworks
    Bloato – a technically-inept stretched profile photo which makes you look like you’ve eaten a truck load of doughnuts
    Tool – a person who routinely adds ‘2.0’ after words to make them seem cutting edge and exciting
    PS Can you tell I finished my assignment and have time on my hands? :o)

  • Sarah

    Irritable Vowel Syndrome – the habit for Web 2.0 companies to randomly drop vowels from their names in the style of Flickr
    Nichework – no matter how unique you think you are, there will always be someone somewhere online who has similar interests, “I was just tidying up my collection of Outer Mongolian Stamps from the 1930s when someone nicheworked me about their identical collection…”
    PS Will stop doing this soon, but it’s mildly addictive… ooooh… just thought of another…
    Procrastinotion – a time-wasting idea

  • Jared Stein

    No one wants to admit it, but “friendgap” must be re-defined for inclusiveness. You think declining is more awkward than being declined?
    Oh, and I might add “bragosphere” to the list. Of course, this term is self-explanatory for those in the know (wink wink).

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