The beautiful use of statistics

If ever you wanted to enthuse someone about data and statistics then show them Hans Rosling’s TED presentation ‘New insights on poverty and life around the world.’ The stories you can tell with good data and visualisation tools are beautifully illustrated in this talk. And I love the phrase ‘grandma verified statistics.’


(Hat tip: D’Arcy Norman)


  • Anonymous

    (Your embed code is broken…)
    If you want to play with the trendalyser software, it’s at
    As you change the settings, they are reflected in the URL, which means you can set up the animation for a story YOU want to tell, and then share it (hit play…):
    Google bought this a bit ago; the documentation suggests that the idea is for users to be able to use their own data sets in the app, which I’m looking forward to for visualising course populations over time etc 😉

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