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Call for papers – you know you want to

I am editing a special issue of the RUSC (a journal from the University of Catalonia) with George Siemens. The Special Issue is concerned with the Impact of Social Networks on Teaching and Learning. The language of the special issue is English. George has posted the details here. The topics we want to address are:

  1. The role of the educator in social networks
  2. Adaptation of learning theories for digital environments
  3. Systemic change in education in response to affordances of social networks
  4. Social network analysis in courses and learning environments
  5. Mobile devices in social learning
  6. Personal learning environments and networks
  7. Learning design – methods and models of designing for social networks
  8. The value of openness in learning
  9. Next-generation social technologies
  10. Scholarship and peer review in online social networks
  11. Blending virtual and physical worlds – location-based services
  12. Self-formed learning support networks

The deadline is 30th June and the journal is open.

So, if you've got a 6000 word paper you're burning to write in one of these areas, and don't want to submit it to one of those nasty, evil closed journals, then come to us. We will also be badgering inviting some people to write chapters, so if you know us, it might be a good time to take a holiday.

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