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Give me an M! Give me an A!


One of the things I have enjoyed working on the most during my 375 year career at the OU, is the Masters in Online and Distance Education (MAODE). I’ve blogged previously about how I was saddened when this was closed down at the OU. Since then we have continued to produce curriculum in IET, most notably very successful microcredentials, under the leadership of my colleague Leigh Anne Perryman.

We have also been working on developing a new Masters in Online Teaching (MAOT). This will comprise of the existing course H880 Technology Enhanced Futures, then 60 points chosen from the array of microcredentials (or a module from the appropriate Education postgrad selection), and then an exciting new module we’re busy writing this year, H890 Research and scholarship in digital education. And today the MAOT was announced and made live so students can now register for it and count modules towards it.

Given the pandemic and the centring of educational technology, lots of people need to develop expertise in this area, and it felt like a real gap for the OU, and IET in particular, to not have a qualification in this space. Well, that gap is now filled. And a jolly exciting gap filling it is too. More info and involvement to come, including new shiny MAOT blog.


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