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It’s all about me

A quick round-up of some open stuff I'm doing.

Firstly, a special edition of RUSC, edited by George Siemens and myself is available, which focuses on social networks in education. There is an intro from George and me, and then some articles that are actually worth reading (unless you speak Spanish, you'll need to change the language to English in the box over on the right).

That Siemens character works you hard once you're in his network, so on Wednesday 26th Jan, I'm giving a talk on digital scholarship as part of his CCK11 course, at 7.30pm UK time. It'll be in Elluminate.

Lastly, if you want to listen to two middle-aged men reminisce about their youth and in particular, 80s b-movies and their love of VHS, then Jim Groom and I plan to do a LIVE internet radio show for ds106 next Thursday 3rd Feb at 9pm UK time. Details to follow (ie once Grant tells us how to do it). Expect rambling, incoherence, maybe a little swearing and the word 'remember' to feature strongly. After the rabid success of ds106 radio, someone has to try the live stuff, and it's better to start with someone who has no reputation to lose.

Just in passing – none of these are done in work time or form part of my official work plan. Interesting, probably.

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