Everyday amazingness

Alan Levine is asking for a new round of his Amazing Tales of Openness. I didn't contribute last time, partly because I didn't think I had any amazing tales (and partly because I'm lazy). But pondering it this time, I thought of the presentation I had given recently on Academic Output as Collateral Damage, three key elements of which had arisen as a direct result of openness. For example, the Big OER and Little OER label I use came from Michelle Hoyle who did a post reflecting on a slidecast I had put up, and then when I commented over on her blog she used the phrase in the ongoing discussion. If I hadn't posted the initial talk, or Michelle hadn't openly commented on, then I wouldn't have picked up that phrase.

Even then I didn't think these were amazing, but it struck me that it is that they seem commonplace now which is in itself amazing, that these acts of sharing and developing ideas are an everyday occurrence is the thing we should acknowledge.

So here's my short vid, I'm sure Alan would like your everyday amazing tales too.

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