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Article on Digital Scholarship published

This is just because I like to keep track of 'traditional' publications here too.

Along with some colleagues at the OU (the bulk of the writing was by Nick Pearce) I submitted an article, entitled Digital Scholarship Considered: How New Technologies Could Transform Academic Work, to a special edition of In Education, edited by Alec Couros. It is (of course) open access, and has now been published (Technology & Social Media (Special Issue, Part 2), 2010, 16(1)). We took Boyer's framework of scholarship and reconsidered it in light of new technology, particularly with the lens 'openness' across each of the four components. It looks like a good edition overall, so worth looking at all of the articles, even the one by that Siemens chap 😉

A small point, but it's another example of the non-traditional, network world feeding into the traditional, formal scholarship one – I know Alec through blogs and twitter and saw through George Siemens that we was asking for articles, and I suspect that was how he garnered most of the contributions.

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  • Alec Couros

    … not to mention, the 100+ academic reviewers for these past issues were, to a large extent, garnered through social network connections.
    Thanks again for the article, Martin.

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