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Radiohead explore pricing models

Almost as if they’ve been reading the Future of content debate here (hey, it’s a nice thought), one of my favourite miserable groups (okay, all my favourite groups are miserable), Radiohead have announced they are releasing their new album next week. It will be available for download direct from their own website and the price box is left blank for the purchaser to enter an amount.

Assuming it’s not another hoax, this is further evidence of record companies being disintermediated and content shuffling towards the freedom it so achingly longs for.

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  • Will Woods

    …or it could just be that radiohead are a bit desperate for some publicity and also that they know that the album will end up in the bargain bin anyhow in a weeks time. (not that I’m against Radiohead you understand, thet were one of my favourite bands up until they got a bit too experimental).

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