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FLOSScom summer school is go!

As part of the FLOSScom project I’m involved with we are running a FLOSScom Summer University. The idea is that we want to recreate some of the characteristics found in open source communities in an educational context.

Participants will create resources around FLOSS topics and then create a ‘toolkit’. This is meant to be a guide for anyone who comes afterwards and wants to adapt or create a course (in any subject area) that uses FLOSS principles. Having created the resources the participants will have the experience and the knowledge to do this, we hope.

Like participation in FLOSS communities the idea is that anyone can join at any time. Participants take on the role(s) they feel comfortable with and they create the content, working towards a ‘release’.

If you fancy having a look it can be found at the Ubuntu site https://wiki.ubuntu.com/flosscom Just register and take part.

You can see me talking incoherently about it here via Flashmeeting http://flashmeeting.open.ac.uk/fm/3b8624-9146


  • stuart brown

    Hi Martin,
    I’m going to sign up if that’s OK with you? I’m doing some work with the CLUSTERS project at the moment, and think that it, and FLOSS, could be very useful for work I hope to undertake within Communications dept when I return.
    I’d hope to be able to make a useful contribution to your project too!

  • Alan Hodson

    I have a blog that may help in your efforts to make Open Source information widespread. Also, feel free to visit //tossfoundation.org, a similar advocacy website.

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