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Digital Scholarship – the DJ set

Day #236 the toy disco

I have a vague idea of maybe one day doing a keynote as a DJ set (I think Brian Lamb did this once), but of course, I have never done a DJ set, and it would be a painful affair. So in lieu of that, I decided to create a DJ set to accompany my book. I used Soundcloud, to produce the set below. Lots of tracks were disallowed because they had restricted rights, so my 30 odd track set came down to 12. I've added in a little explanation in between. My mic started dodgy and then packed up altogether, so the quality of these (both in technical and content terms) isn't great, and I don't think I have a career as a late night DJ in the offing, but you get the point. All the songs seem to have been truncated at 3 minutes too, so it's not ideal. 

Of course, the main point is not the content of the set, but the existence of the set itself. I mentioned previously about the boundaries of the book being blurred and this is a further example. I can create a DJ set and share it globally, to accompany a book (about digital scholarship for chrissakes, hardly the funkiest subject!). I mean, come on, that is kinda cool isn't it?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, I'll maybe try and find an alternative means of doing it later and get a better mic. Look upon this as a first draft. Maybe a DS106radio set beckons…


Digital Scholarship by mweller


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