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MOOC disco

So just before Christmas I finally managed to air a slot on DS106 Radio (thanks to Alan for being patient with the most needy DJ in DS106 history). It was remarkably easy to do, so I'd recommend it to anyone.

My idea was to create a set where each song reflected on some aspects of MOOCs. On reflection I don't think this came across without me doing some talking inbetween. I opted for film clips instead, but I think the "music connected by a theme we can discuss" approach has merits which I'd like to revisit. I know from compiling the set that even if it's an issue you've thought about a lot, adding music to it gives it a vibrancy or nuance that wasn't there previously. It would be a fun way to explore some issues without having to reference French philosophers (yes, I'm looking at you Cormier).

For the record, here are the tracks:

I'll let you make the connections to the topic.

And here is the (probably illegal) archive of the broadcast. It starts a bit quiet but cranks up halfway through the first song. See how many film clips you can get.

MOOC disco archive



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  • twitter.com/cogdog

    Hey Disco Queen… you did far better than many (present company included) on your first broadcast.
    But you cannot show up in your sparkly dress and dance just one time. When is the next show? And it’s time to notch it up a level and figure out the app mixer effect so you can DJ over and under the tunes.
    So when is the next show?
    So when is the next show?
    So when is the next show?

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