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D4LD progress

The children are back in school (in their expensive new uniforms in my case), the holidays are over, back to work…

First up was a conference call with the D4LD team at the OUNL and Liverpool Hope. Over the summer we have mainly been concentrating on looking at some of the performance issues of Coppercore and SLeD. It seems the iTunesesque (I know, I know, let it be Martin) response times we were experiencing have been replicated by the OUNL team when they have duplicated our set up. The likely suspect was optimisation of the HSQL database. By fixing this and some minor code tweaks and an improvement to the caching method response times now seem to be down to a couple of seconds. Not ideal but a world away from the minutes we were getting at one stage.

At the OU Juliette White has been concentrating on some interface changes and bug fixes.

What we will find out now is what happens with real users as Liverpool Hope will commence using the system next week.

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