H817Open MOOC content available


(Enjoy the MOOC or the puppy gets it)

The content for my MOOC, no, I mean, open course, on Open Education is now all available in the OpenLearn environment. It doesn't officially start until March 16th, but I'm adopting a more flexible approach than many MOOCs so you can work through it in your own pace (and it'll stay up afterwards).

Some points to note:

  • You don't have to enrol to view the material, only if you want to contribute to forums and also to get course emails
  • Use forums instead of comments, there is one per week
  • When you enrol, nothing magic happens.
  • The OpenLearn platform has recently had a major architectural overhaul which does something fancy with Moodle and Drupal. But, erm, this means pages are loading slowly at the moment. Be patient and smile.
  • You don't have to do every activity every week, it's a pick n mix model
  • It's a bit experimental, so don't view it as a precursor for shiny things from FutureLearn
  • Be nice to each other and especially to me

So if you haven't enrolled, there's still time. I'll probably send round another email (I have ambitions to become a spammer) on Thursday just as course start reminder.

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