Book launch – YOU are invited


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The good people at IET have offered to do a launch of my book, and Elizabeth Fitzgerald and Rebecca Ferguson have done a great job in organising it. Details are here in Cloudworks, the important details are below (one of them is not true, guess which one):

When: Tues 15 November 2011, 3-4pm

Where if you're OU based: Ambient Lab, ground floor of the Jennie Lee Building)

Where if you're online: Live streamed here: http://stadium.open.ac.uk/stadia/preview.php?whichevent=1769&s=31&ran=1641022548&state=1

Twitter hashtag: #digitalscholar

Competition: YES! Win a free copy of the book. To enter the competition, please show or tell us what you consider to be "a digital scholar". Entries can take the form of an image, audio clip, video, blog post, piece of writing or animation – and will be uploaded via this cloud (or just point me at it). 

Afterwards:I shall be breakdancing at the end of the event.

Come on, you know you want to. I really hope OU colleagues will come along and external colleagues/friends/mortal enemies will join in via twitter.



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