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Thoughts on digital scholarship

I am giving a presentation on digital scholarship tomorrow at the OU, but in order to save people you know, actually turning up, here is the slidecast.

I'm putting together a book proposal around digital scholarship which will build on some content from this blog and explore some of these ideas, so the presentation was really a way to start exploring some of these ideas. The audio is a bit quiet but the slides are reasonably self-explanatory anyway. This is really an amalgamation of other bits, so not a lot new here, but it's a bit more than old wine in a new bottle.

What I'm interested in is whether the views we have of scholarship now, and particularly Boyer's definition hold true for digital scholarship. Put bluntly is it a case of doing the same things differently or are we starting to do different things?

I've characterised the digital scholar as being open, digital & networked. These are terms we use so frequently that they seem trite, but actually the combination of all three marks a very significant alteration, and potential for changes in scholarly practice.

Here is the slidecast:

Thoughts on Digital Scholarship

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BTW – I'm also playing with Wallwisher, so may use this to stick ideas on, feel free to stick stuff up there too, we can make it a general space.

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