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Some thoughts on the book writing process

Day #256 here endeth the book

(The printout of my book) 

I submitted the manuscript (well the Word files) of my digital scholarship book to the publishers, Bloomsbury Academic, a couple of weeks ago. It should be out in September, with an online OA Creative Commons version as well as the printy touchy feely one.

So now is a good time to reflect on the process. In the following posts I'll suggest a number of reflections on the process. Overall it's been rewarding, and a useful exercise, but I couldn't have done it without this blog. Whereas many authors create a blog to accompany a book, I think I have created a book to accompany the blog. 

I'm not sure if this is one long post or several small ones, but I'm breaking with my usual style of long (ponderous) posts and trying some shorter, pithy ones focusing on one element, because, well, because I can, which is the joy of it. So over the coming week I'll do a post a day on this subject.

And you thought you were in for a dull week…


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