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An interview with the future

I am one of the ‘presenters’ at the JISC 09 online conference. I don’t actually present, but instead have been asked to create a short video for the session looking at Do educational institutions have a future? Graham Attwell and Rob Howe are the other presenters. We had a chat about the session and I mentioned that I had considered doing an interview with a future version of myself, as a means of exploring the issues. They liked the idea so we have decided all to adopt it, with myself taking the academic perspective, Rob the learner one and Graham the institutional view.

Below is my video, although it’s meant as a bit of fun I hope there are some issues in it that we can explore in the session. Please sign up for the conference if you haven’t already, it should be fun (it costs £50 I think).

BTW – I think everyone should do an interview with their future selves, so if you do one let me know.


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