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Academics and online impact

I presented at the OU’s communications conference yesterday. I was asked to talk about how you create an impact online. I’m always a bit cautious about giving advice on this, as I didn’t (don’t) have a plan, so it’s all been trial and error and messing about. But I guess that is my advice – just get started and try stuff out, don’t wait to go on the “Creating academic impact online with blogs” course, just do it.

I was lucky to share the stage with two great OU colleagues. Meg Barker is an expert in relationships, and has a good blog associated with her book Rewriting the Rules. Natalie Starkey’s expertise is in comets and asteroids and does a lot of TV work and writing for the Guardian, as well as blogging. I went last, so the previous two subjects had been sex and space. I then had to follow up with… educational technology. Do you ever get the feeling you made the wrong career choice? 

Anyway, my presentation is below. I make the point that I don’t really know what all the stats mean associated with blogs, but they must mean something, right? 

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