Crowdsourcing a conspiracy of sentiment

In my conspiracy of sentiment post I suggested that established media and power resented, even hated, the use of social media because they didn't understand it and couldn't control it.

As with all conspiracies (I'm not suggesting it's an explicit conspiracy) one begins to see its reach everywhere once you believe it. But I could be alone in this, so I have decided to open it up, and also I know that I won't be able to track all instances.

So I have set up an open blog at The aim of this is to gather examples where the use of social media is a contributing factor to some negative reaction from the media, politicians, legal agencies, etc. I have added a couple already (the Sarah Baskers case and Wikileaks).

To contribute just send an email with your post to - I will moderate. Try and set out an example and explain why it constitutes an example of a conspiracy of sentiment.

We'll see if it gets anywhere.

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