Digital scholarship and research

[This is for the Change11 MOOC]

Digital Scholarship and Research

You can choose to complete this section, or the alternative one on Digital Scholarship and Teaching (or both).

New technologies and the approaches that being digital, networked and open allows has great potential for research. New tools are available, new methodologies and a variety of ways in which research findings can be disseminated now exist. Yet this area perhaps exemplifies the tension in digital scholarship most vividly. There have been many studies recently looking at researcher’s use of new technology, and the results generally reveal a cautious picture of adoption.

Read Weller Chap 5: http://www.bloomsburyacademic.com/view/DigitalScholar_9781849666275/chapter-ba-9781849666275-chapter-005.xml;jsessionid=543AAE770E2327FAFF05AA94554E28FE
Read James et al (2009) Lives and technologies of early career researchers (or at least some of it) http://www.jisc.ac.uk/publications/reports/2009/earlycareerresearchersstudy.aspx
Look at Terry Anderson’s ALT-C keynote talk: Look at Terry Anderson’s slideshare:



  • Have you had experience of the tension mentioned?
  • Are the reservations around quality and the role of peer-review justified?
  • What are the longer term implications for how we conduct, and disseminate research?


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